How to write so people lose themselves in your words

Charles Kruger (The Writing Wizard) teaches you Jack
Grapes’ magical tools for “method writing” so you can
easily learn to write captivating art and influential ideas

Limited Class Size Assures Individual Attention

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What kind of long-term impact do you want to have on the world?

Dear Writer,

Every person has a voice. It’s what comes up after you get past the small talk and really start to have a meaningful conversation. It’s the raw emotion that holds together our most precious relationships, stories, and timeless pieces of art.

In Jack Grapes’ Method Writing, we call it your “deep voice” and…

Your Deep Voice is the key to your ultimate self-expression

It speaks to people on a deep level, where they almost forget what they are doing and become engrossed by your words. It calls people out and draws them into your stories, into your ideas, into the products of your imagination…

It’s the key to writing stories that engage readers and editors, professional communications that inspire, and even writing speeches so that people hang on your every word.

Your Deep Voice is like an enchanting ‘magic spell’
that bewitches anyone who reads your words.

You know you’re meant to change the world as a writer and tell your stories, but…

Finding your Deep Voice is incredibly
difficult amidst the hubbub of life

Meanwhile, the clock continues to count down the seconds…
Tick-Tock… Tick-Tock… Every day takes opportunities with it.

If ANY of this sounds familiar, then…

Jack Grapes’ Method Writing works “just like magic” to solve every writing shorfall!

The Writing Wizard teaches you Method Writing, a straightforward series of writing exercises centered around four primary fundamental concepts:

“Write the way you talk” – “The transformation line”
“The image-moment” – “The Dreaded Association Exercise.”

Throughout this 8-week writing course, you’ll learn THE step-by-step method for accessing your Deep Voice and constructing ideas, sentences, and scenes into poems, essays, short stories, plays, non-fiction, novels, memoirs – even speeches, recipes and ransom notes!

Then, you’ll learn how to unleash your imagination, manipulate psychological time, develop themes organically, and ultimately… Move people with your WORDS!

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Rest Assured: this is totally unlike any other
writing method you’ve ever learned. Here’s why…

If you love words (and I know you do!) then you can learn Method Writing step-by-step

Jack Grapes’ Method Writing has been taught to thousands of students over the years. YOU can learn it, and you can use it to create your best writing yet! Let me, Charles Kruger, the “Writing Wizard,” teach you this method that has transformed my life and the lives of everyone who has heard it so far.

For the sake of quality, class size is limited to 12 students only.

Meet your instructor…

Meet Charles Kruger, your Method Writing Coach, who began studying with Jack Grapes in 1999. He is the founder and lead writer for the Bay Area theatrical website, “TheatreStorm.” Charles has been included in multiple poetry anthologies including “Sparring With Beatnik Ghosts,” and his poetry has been published in “The Rumpus,” “LitSeen,” “ONTHEBUS,” “Red Fez,” “Writing Without Walls,” and elsewhere.

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